Top 5 Referral System Software in market for Ecommerce

Ecommerce Development Company“Word of mouth is the best medium of all.” -This stands as a testament to the current eCommerce scenario. As the eCommerce sector has encountered an increasing number of big players in the market followed by huge client base, the Referral method is being given immense of importance and is being followed rigorously in the recent past. No wonder this referral programmes have managed to grab a sustainable place as they simply help to convert customers’ loyalty into more visibility and sales.

Now the reason behind its sustainability has some accurate facts to be considered. According to a recent study, the possibility of new buyers purchasing from a business is four times higher if someone refers them to the store and also that they produce 25% more profit margins. However, formulating and implementing a referral system all together is a hideous process. To implement a successful referral program requires spending a lot of time and resources. But the necessity of implementing referral system has gone up to such an extent, that it has eventually created an all new business opportunity in the market of generating the best Referral system software for generating referred customers that leads to the eCommerce development india. Let us have a look at the best 5 Referral system softwares that are making a difference to every eCommerce development company in the market.

1)Curebit Referral System: Curebit is one of the best software app that drives eCommerce growth with customer referrals. Curebit’s referral system allows you to translate your existing customers’ passion for your product into new customer growth. Its working is simple. The Curebit application lets your existing customers to promote your store to their friends through Facebook, Twitter, or Email. When a customer makes a purchase at your store, give them a deal to share with friends on your thank you page. Reward your customer with cash back or discount on next purchase, when their friend buys.

2)Referralcandy: With Referralcandy app you can run a fully automated, customizable and easy to integrate referral program. It lets you Send an email to customers or show a pop up after they make a purchase, include a link in your newsletters, manually invite them through the ReferralCandy dashboard or invite them in bulk through a CSV upload. The participants get to change their reward preferences, see the rewards they’ve earned and choose how often they’d like to receive updates regarding your referral program.

3)Ambassador: Ambassador powers hundreds of businesses’ referral & partner programs to get more referrals and grow their business. Ambassador gives any company the tools to turbo-charge their referral program, turning their customers into brand Ambassadors.Using Ambassador lets you easily create, track & manage custom incentives that drive referrals and evangelize your users. With Ambassador, it’s as simple as pasting a javascript snippet or can be seamlessly integrated via API.

4)Nextbee: Nextbee as a dynamic platform incorporates sharing capability directly into your order confirmation page. With one click, customers can tell all their Facebook friends or Twitter followers what they just purchased on your site. You can incentivize sharing further by providing customers with unique referral codes; every time one of their friends makes a purchase by following their link, you can reward the referrer with prizes, discounts, cash back or coupons.

5)Infusionsoft: Infusionsoft targets the small business and help them increase their sales through various factors. It offers referral system in the form of Automated campaigns, Email marketing, Landing page and web forms, Web activity monitoring and most importantly it helps turn likes into leads with the help of Social Lead Generation.


Magento e commerce development rules

magento ecommerce developmentMagento ecommerce development has scaled new heights again. This time the famous ecommerce development platform has confirmed that it has been able to capture more than 40% of the ecommerce platform market share in Australia. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the Australians to shop online and magento is capitalizing on its advantages to provide the Australian merchants with the stuff they require.

India being one of the hot spot for magento e commerce development is no alien to the magento prowess. There are many magento developers India who see magento as the best e commerce platform for building e-stores because of its varied editions and a plethora of plug-ins.

One of the major advantages of using magento for ecommerce framework for projects is its availability in various forms with which anyone can get started with their e store. For large scale a project that includes complex navigations with large number of products and complex transactions, the enterprise version of magento is apt. The suite includes all that is required for large scale e stores to function smoothly. The enterprise version of magento can also be coupled with an ERP to automate all the processes and create an efficient estore. Apart from community edition, magento Go is also proving to be a boon for small scale merchant who are apprehensive about getting started with their own e-commerce stores. Magento developer India community admit that magento Go reduces all the hassles for small merchants who look for the basic ecommerce facilities in the site while spending a small amount at the same time.

Another reason that makes magento ecommerce development a preferred choice is its huge collection of magento plug-ins. There are thousands of plug-ins in all the categories which are also called magento extensions. These extensions can be easily customized and desired results can be achieved by developers. The best thing about the plug-ins is that that they come in varied price range and allows developers to choose the best one balancing the budget and needs of the project.

Magento developers for any ecommerce project

MagentoMagento has remained as developers favorite and has been able to create a large army of magento developers many of whom have turned to become magento evangelists. Magento ecommerce development has become one of the most trusted ways to get an ecommerce site done. Big or small, companies of any size can depend on magento ecommerce development to build their ecommerce site. But what are the advantages that make magento an indispensible tool to create a desired ecommerce site?

A rich plethora of plug-ins

Just sneak into the magento store for once and you will understand yourself. Magento developers have the choice to choose from thousands of magento extensions. Depending on the criticality of the need, a magento developer can select either a paid or free extension to add a particular feature in your e-store. If the feature is highly important to your e-store then paid extensions with better features can be used or vice versa. In addition to it the extensions can be customized to get the desired results. This makes magento ecommerce development a preferred route to build the ecommerce site of your choice.

Magento go

Adobe has recently moved its products up in the cloud but magento built its cloud platform a long time ago. Anticipating the thin budget and limited features of small scale e-stores, magento go offers easy customizable e-store on cloud. Magento developers can create the store on magento cloud servers and this cuts an enormous amount of fixed cost that is otherwise hard for small businesses to shell out. Small retailers have extensively used magento go and made fortunes out of it.

Ecommerce has become a necessary component and touch point for businesses and tools like magento makes it affordable to small businesses as well.

Magento developers brace the close integration of eBay and magento with PayPal

Magento Web DevelopmentMagento ecommerce development is the best way to get your ecommerce site up and running within no time. Magento has remained the most popular e commerce development framework and is now set to become even better. This is because eBay’s PayPal and magento will now provide mobile payment service to the 150000 merchants using magento as their primary ecommerce tool. PayPal is offering two new extensions that will allow the merchants to set up shops in PayPal’s mobile app and support payment anywhere in their stores.

After acquiring magento, E bay allowed it to grow as a separate entity but now to offer better services to huge merchant base of magento; the company has decided to go ahead with the plan of integrating them both. The two plug ins named as In-Aisle Selling and Order Ahead are equally important and add critically to the upgrade. The in-aisle connects EBay’s point of sale mobile payments to the merchant store. The user data are pulled by Magento’s ordering and Inventory management system while the triangular PayPal magnetic reader read the credit/debit card payment details. The other plug-in allows magento merchants set up shops in PayPal’s mobile app. Merchants who have set up their stores can get back to their magento developer and make them work on specialized templates to create menus and catalogues and sync their opening hours and locations with PayPal’s ordering system.

Magento ecommerce development companies working on various projects are excited about the close collaboration. The association would not only help eBay’s dominance grow in the sphere of online payment but also increase the merchant base for magento too. This would indirectly bring more business for magento developers and keep the dominance of magento alive as a preferred ecommerce development framework in peppered with critical advantages.

Magento eCommerce development is the way to get started with your estore

Magento eCommerce development Company | Openxcell
Magento eCommerce development Company | Openxcell

Magento eCommerce development has emerged as the most preferred way to shape an ecommerce store in a short time period. There are lots of advantages of opting for magento as your eCommerce development framework as the platform is highly scalable that takes into account all the challenges of big as well as small and medium enterprises. The ability of magento stands solid on these requirements with its large collection of plugs ins. A plethora of free and paid plug ins accumulates all the functionalities while keeping the development costs under check at the same time.

The rich plug-in directly of magento

Magento comes with a long list of plug ins. Magento eCommerce development companies that provide consultation during the initiation of the project often suggest their clients regarding the plug-ins that must be used in the site. Magento provides a lot of plug ins that performs the same function however the results vary to a great degree. For example if one opts for a better blogging platform due to the generic nature of their products, they can either select a paid extension or go for a free plug in and then put the ecommerce development company to customize for the required functionality and performance.

Easy to start off with magento go

Magneto go is a cloud based ecommerce development that provides cloud storage and hosting facility for your eCommerce site. eCommerce development companies are using magento go extensively to craft affordable and feature rich e stores that do not require much investment in the beginning. The sites can then be installed in dedicated servers as their demand becomes more complex increases with time.

Online stores have become a necessity these days and with frameworks like magento any one can get started irrespective of the budget and scale of business.